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الأحد، 7 أكتوبر 2012

Saudi Arabia is investing $ 165 billion in energy projects

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The company announced the Arab Petroleum Investment Corporation (APICORP) said on Saturday that Saudi Arabia will invest $ 165 billion in oil projects and projects related to energy, during the next five years, making it the top Arab in terms of what will be invested in this sector in the Arab region.

The company said, according to a report to the Agency "Bloomberg" U.S. News, that Saudi Arabia tops energy projects that will be witnessed in the Middle East during the coming period, noting that the total investment in projects oil will reach to 740 billion dollars in 2017 at the level of the entire Middle East, Saudi-led and followed by the UAE with investments of up to $ 107 billion.

The company says that Algeria, Qatar and Iran ranks third in terms of investment in oil projects during the same period, and by $ 71 billion.

And calculated "APICORP" the Saudi Arabia and various countries in the region, which is planning for this large volume of investments will be able to finance their projects self if continued OPEC basket price over percent dollars, at current levels, which increase from what it was last year by $ 10 a barrel.

The company explained, "APICORP" mega projects planned by Saudi Arabia and countries in the region to move distributed to projects for oil and gas and petrochemicals.

The Kuwaiti oil expert who lives in London, Abdul Samad Al-Awadi, the $ 165 billion of investment is not large when compared to the size of the Saudi oil sector, which is the largest in the world.

The Awadi told "Arab. Net" that invest these huge sums in the oil sector and the energy sector does not necessarily mean an increase in oil production of the kingdom during the next five years, but may be hiring these investments in the process of improving the efficiency and performance of this sector.

"The part of these investments will employ to increase the productive capacity of the Kingdom certainly, but another part and perhaps the greater part may be related to the production process itself and network connectivity in the Kingdom, and these critical investments."

Awadi pointed out that Saudi Arabia is the world's only oil surpluses also, therefore, to maintain this surplus wealth for the future needs to projects and investments for the future, this may be one of the areas that will be allocated sums to invest.
It is noteworthy that Saudi Arabia is the largest producer and largest exporter of oil in the world, and a few weeks ago and described the newspaper "Financial Times" British Kingdom as lead global oil markets, due to any decision issued by the Kingdom with regard to oil will be the most influential in the market than others.

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Microsoft acquires a company specializing in data security

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Acquired "Microsoft" leading software world on the company "PhoneFactor" specialized in providing solutions and endorsements multiple security factors for the protection and security of data and information and provide different ways to allow customers access to programs and services Home without relying solely on the security codes and passwords.

The aim of the acquisition by the company "Microsoft" to provide security solutions and endorsements that are effective and easy settings for cloud computing services to enhance security standards both for customers, partners or developers, and that, according to the "Bharat Shah" director servers and tools at Microsoft.
As name suggests the company "PhoneFactor" which was established in 2001, it specializes in providing services additional security during the authentication process involves asking for more security settings when you log on through a phone call or a text message or a particular application, called (authentication or documenting multi factors), unlike traditional authentication process currently approved only on the user name and password, which are known as (single factor authentication).

Authentication means "Authentication" strict security settings to verify the user's identity and make sure the powers has owned the possibility of arriving to some or all of the resources and services.

It is noteworthy that a company "PhoneFactor" since its inception and provides security services and endorsements for many governmental institutions and the role of health care and banking services, along with large enterprises and web applications, etc., as well as provide security solutions for many of the services Microsoft, including the protection of account operations unauthorized access or as a binder "Outlook Web Access" as well as the service "Active Directory" a database of all resources of the World Wide Web and Web services and users.

Did not reveal any of the parties on the financial value of the deal or any of its terms.
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Apple begins to improve maps iPhone 5 »

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Company started Apple American, improve its maps service posed by the new operating system iOS 6, which works on the new smartphone «iPhone 5. The company, according to the website of the Los Angeles Time, some important fixes and updates to the data relating to geographical areas that began to appear on the maps correctly, as submitted amendments supported further details and three-dimensional display of some places. Apple said it will follow up support and improvement of the service, noting that it will improve continuously and automatically whenever he used a larger number of users. Noteworthy that Apple had apologized to San CEO «Tim Cook in a message posted on the company's background violent reaction and resentment expressed by users towards the multiple problems that were found in maps Apple new.
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Strike paralyzes factory Voxon production phones iPhone 5

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A group "China LIBOR Watch" that human rights of thousands of workers went on strike at the factory the company Voxon in China, he makes phones "iPhone 5", which
Produced by the American company Apple.

The strike comes mentioned at a critical time for Apple after weeks of the world's largest display play this smart Tel. Analysts say Apple already having difficulty because of supply pressures.
The group said, citing workers, said between three thousand and four thousand workers began their strike in complex Voxon in Zhengzhou on Friday afternoon, after angered restrictions quality excessive militancy, as well as demands that work during weekends Golden, which began on Monday.

Could not immediately confirm the strike. Apple declined to comment, could not be reached immediately a Voxon company for comment.

The tensions erupted repeatedly in factories run Voxon company, which employs more than one million workers, and manufactures most of the two iPad, iPhone.

In the past month, thousands of workers rioted at the company's factory in the town of north China's Taiwan, which led to the suspension of production for a period of approximately 24 hours.

Watch said in a statement on its website, in addition to the claim that workers work during the holiday, raised Voxon demands too strict on the quality of production without providing training for workers to get the skills corresponding to those demands.
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Video new technology to open the doors using smartphones

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Unveiled Apigy new technology in the field of closing issued device Lockitron which works plain كقفل and but using your mobile phone.
The device operates Lockitron, as mentioned site «Digital Trend», on news of technology, the battery is equipped techniques remote control technique Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and NFC technology compatible with smartphones that support property itself, where the user can open the lock using either property NFC by passing his compatible smart in front of the lock, or using the built-in Bluetooth phone as soon heading towards the door.
The user can control the lock through the application available on the smart devices that operate Android systems or iOS, which also facilitates control lock from anywhere in the world.
The sensor of a special type integrated into the lock to send alerts to the user when there is a front door, and if the loss of phone it is possible to easily disable the account for your application by changing the password using another device in addition to the application will send a text message to the user every time when the door is opened, even if by the normal key.
The machine is available Lockitron prior request at $ 149 and is expected to start the process of shipping to customers in March 2013.
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«Google» celebrated the 127 anniversary of the Danish physicist «Niels Bohr

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Search engine Google celebrated the 127 birthday anniversary Danish physicist, Niels Bohr, where he put on his main physical graphics. Born «Port» in Copenhagen in 1885 and died in 1962, and contributed significantly to the formulation of models to understand the atomic structure, in addition to quantum mechanics and especially its interpretation advocated acceptance of nature probabilistic posed by quantum mechanics, and knows this interpretation interpretation Copenhagen and named after him Institute «Niels Bohr in Copenhagen. He served «Port» Chairman of the Danish Atomic Energy Commission and the head of the Copenhagen Institute for theoretical natural science, and received a doctorate in physics in 1911. Complete the 'Port' his studies at Cambridge University, under the supervision of the world Thomson discovered the electron, and then moved to Manchester to study at the hands of the world Ernest Rutherford discovered the nucleus of the atom, and quickly guided to his theory of building the atom. In 1913 publication 'Port' search under the title «on the composition of corn and particles in the Philosophical Magazine, and this research is one of the marks in physics, and earned him the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1922.
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Video Sony Mobile »pose« Xperia ion camera «12 Megapixel

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Introduced the Sony Mobile specialized in manufacturing mobile phone «Xperia ion TFT touch screen anti-scratch Size 4.6 inches contain a layer of metallic glass. The phone works running «Android 4.0» and supported processor dual-core at 1.5 GHz, while allowing phone video capability accurately (1080 pixels) format 3GPP and MP4 with interoperability format 3GPP, and MP4, and Matroska, and AVI, and WebM. The new device comes random access memory 1 GB of RAM as well as the memory of internal storage capacity of 13.2 GB and Rear Camera 12.1-megapixel front and 1.3 megapixel resolution with support for a property area near NFC

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